Navy Sofas

I love navy. It is such a smart and dramatic color. I recently bought a navy settee for my kitchen and felt a little ode to navy sofas was in order.




I love this pretty bedroom and would love to know what creamy latte color they used for the walls. Prediction – in its quest to take over the world, Starbucks will come out with a home decor and paint line.😉

Last night my 15 year old son was singing a song and I started laughing.

Me: “What is it you’re singing about, a ‘thrift shop’?

G: “Yeah mom, it’s really funny and get’s stuck in your head, but you’d think it was inappropriate.”

I quickly googled the song/video to see how UN-cool I was these days. He was right. It was funny. It was catchy. And it definitely would get an R rating. I called Hubs over to watch the video for a second time and we BOTH had a good laugh.

240113-macklemoreIn a nutshell, a white rapper named Macklemore sings a rap about thrift store shopping. Instead of singing about popping Cristal champagne in his designer clothes in the clubs, he sings about finding clothes in the thrift shop for cheap and how it is ‘Effin’ Awesome,” and how “One man’s trash is another’s comeuppance.”  Truth. That is a very watered down mom version. But it is FunNeeee if you are a thrifter.

Hubs: “Do you think that you would think that video is so funny if you didn’t go to thrift stores?”

Me: “Probably not.”

But I finally got these $20 chairs recovered the other day and they are “Effin Awesome!”






I’ve been wanting to blog. Really, I have. I’ve just recently switched from my very buggy/virus ridden PC to a Mac in hopes that it would simplify my life.  Unfortunately, after switching I found that my favorite blogging software and picture editing software are not compatible. BUM-Mer. I just haven’t had the time to put into the technology learning curve. [Side note to my parents. I now “get” why our VCR blinked 12:00 for most of my high-school years]. Seems like life can move so quickly that the moment I have a thought or inspiration it has moved onto the next thing.

Anyways, B’s birthday is coming up and I wanted to giver her room a bit of a freshen-up. Here’s my inspiration. I am LOVING the soft ballet pink that looks soft and vintage and so girlie.


Pretty Sweet

Isn’t this little winter cake lovely? I found this pic over at Greige and had to swoon a little.  Can you call a cake vintage modern? It is so sweet and simple. I can just picture B shaking the powdered sugar on the top and making it “snow". 

Loving Black Doors



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